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Whether you own a Toshiba laptop, netbook, tablet or All-In-One desktop PC, by far the most important and personal parts of any computer are the files you store on its hard drive. Jorge da Silva, Head of Sales for Toshiba Computer Systems South Africa, offers some steps you can take to protect your data to protect yourself from digital disaster.

Back up your data

Without doubt the most important way to protect your files is to keep a full, up-to-date backup at all times. By saving your files to an external storage device, you can ensure that you’re well protected against any unforeseen disasters.

For even greater protection of your files, you can also back them up into a Cloud-based storage service such as DropBox or Google Drive. This removes the risk of losing your backup storage device, and it provides a secure and easy to use solution.

Protect against malware

Malicious software – or Malware – includes viruses and spyware and can bring your laptop to its knees if given the chance, so always make sure to protect your computer by updating the pre-installed anti-virus software.

By keeping your anti-virus and Internet security software fully up-to-date will keep your Toshiba laptop protected from infection and greatly reduce the risk of malware corrupting your files and causing you to lose your data.

Move carefully

Data can also be corrupted or lost if the hard drive is damaged. This can if the laptop is moved around while it is working, as the hard drive’s read heads can bounce and scratch the disk’s surface.

While most Toshiba laptops are fitted with advanced motion sensors to prevent any such harm from occurring, it is still good practice not to move your laptop around too much while working, to avoid accidental drive damage.

Always switch off

If you’re not going to be using your Toshiba laptop for an extended period, switch it off rather than leaving it in sleep mode. This lets the laptop cool down and also eliminates risk from events such as power surges.

Your Toshiba laptop’s sleep mode is perfect for use during the day, when you want to stop working for short periods of time, but for longer periods there is no harm in fully powering off to completely remove any risk of data damage.

Shut down properly

When you switch your Toshiba laptop off, be sure to shut down correctly using the Windows 7 interface. This ensures the laptop saves everything correctly and keeps its system files in peak working order for when you next boot up.

If you power off your laptop by pressing and holding the power button, your laptop will be cut off mid-process and will have to repair its files next time you switch on your laptop, possibly damaging your data. Avoid this by shutting down correctly.

Defragment your disk

Should your worst nightmare come true, and you suffer an unexpected data loss, the recovery of your files will be significantly faster and easier if your laptop’s hard drive has been regularly defragmented over the time you’ve been using it.

Defragmenting your hard drive rearranges your data into an easier to access arrangement, so to defragment your disk in Windows 7, open the Start Menu and type Defrag, to see the Disk Defragmenter appear in the menu above.


By following these easy-to-use steps you can add to the already rock-solid data protection features that Toshiba has included in your laptop, and make sure that your files are kept safe and sound, no matter what’s around the corner.

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