How Toshiba keeps your laptop’s hard drive safe

By Lindsay Narayanan, Product Specialist for Toshiba South Africa

It’s a busy world we live in and with many of us carrying our laptops wherever we go, the risk of accidentally damaging our machines and losing the precious data that we store on the hard drive inside is always present.

So, to keep your data protected we fit our laptops with a three-pronged hard drive defence system as part of Toshiba EasyGuard. So even if your laptop is dropped or damaged, your data inside will always be kept safe and sound.

And with laptops such as our thin and light Z930 Ultrabooks and powerful Qosmio X870 gaming machines packing this great technology as standard, your Toshiba laptop is built to keep your data secure. Here’s how it works.

Resilient chassis

The first way that we keep the hard drive in your laptop fully protected, is by building all our machines with a mix of ultra-tough, yet super-light materials, letting you can enjoy unbeatable resilience, without sacrificing portability.

Blending the sturdiest internal metal frames with robust magnesium alloy and plastic chassis’, all our laptops are built to take the knocks of daily life. So whether you buy your machine for work or play, it’ll take all you can throw at it.

Shock protection

Inside the laptop we then add further protection by encasing the hard drive in hardwearing shock absorber material. Designed to bear the brunt of any hard knocks to the chassis, it provides another layer of defence for the disk inside.

Should your laptop be knocked, or even dropped, the tough chassis will take most of the impact, while the shock protection will take the rest, keeping the hard drive – and your data within – kept safely protected from damage.

3D accelerometer

We even keep your hard drive safe from itself, thanks to the use of an ultra-responsive 3D accelerometer. This detects when your laptop has been dropped or moved too quickly and acts fast to keep your hard drive safe.

By instantly removing the hard drive’s read/write head from the disk’s surface in the event of a fall, it stops even the slightest scratch from harming the disk, keeping your hard drive and data completely safe from accidental damage.

And should you ever find that the 3D accelerometer is working a little too well, you can even tweak its sensitivity through our easy-to-use software interface, letting you configure just the right level of responsiveness for your needs.

So, with this great mix of sturdy design, robust shock protection and advanced motion detection technology, your Toshiba laptop can keep your hard drive and data safer than ever, letting you work on the move in total confidence.

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